Prescriptions – Collection and Delivery Service

1.  NHS prescriptions

NHS prescription charges are paid by patients for medication prescribed for them by a National Health Service medical practitioner.

The basic NHS prescription charge in England is £7.40p. However, many people are exempt from paying this fee, and these people include, children under 16, pregnant women, people over 60, young people in full-time education, people in receipt of certain benefits such as Income Support or Jobseekers’ Allowance and people suffering from specific conditions, such as certain types of physical disability, diabetes, or epilepsy, for which they hold a valid exemption certificate.

Bring your prescription into Moin’s Chemist today and we will make sure we provide you with whatever your need, along with excellent service

2. Private prescriptions

A private prescription is a prescription that is issued by a doctor normally following a private consultation. With a private prescription the patient needs to pay for the actual costs of the drugs prescribed and not just the standard NHS fee and Moin’s Chemist are happy to dispense your private prescriptions. The price will depend on the cost of your medication and the quantity you’ve been prescribed, but our pharmacy team will be happy to calculate the cost for you – just ask.

3. Ordering service

At Moin’s Chemist we take the hassle of regularly ordering your prescriptions, as we can now do this for you. All you have to do is reply which medication you do or do not require when we notify you and then we will take care of the rest and deliver you, your medication in time.

4. Collection and delivery

Moin’s Chemist and Wellbeing Centre now offers a FREE prescription collection and delivery service, all you need to do is order your prescription from your doctor, then let us know when the prescription will be ready by downloading the consent form and we will then pick up your prescription from the doctors and either have it ready for you to pick up from the pharmacy or we can deliver the medicines to your home.
Please note we are unable to deliver your prescription to you if you pay for your medication however we are still able to collect your prescription, for you to pick up in store.

To download the consent form please click here

5. MUR’s

A Medicine Use Review (MUR) is a meeting between you and your pharmacist to discuss how you are getting on with your medicine, and as it is funded by the NHS you will not need to pay for it.

The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Help you understand the medicine you are taking
  • Help with any issues you may have regarding your medication
  • Improve the effectiveness of your medication

If you are regularly taking more than one prescription medicine, or you are taking medication for a long term illness (asthma, arthritis, diabetes etc) then you are recommended to book a MUR with your pharmacist.
Even if you are not part of the selected group then you can ask your pharmacist anytime for advice anytime.

50% of people are not taking their medication correctly, don’t be one of them